Fig Recipes

Fig Recipes

Figs are a sweet, sticky fruit with a deliciously honeyed flavour. They are lovely when fresh and ripe, but they are also delicious when dried and rehydrated with water. Because of their sticky texture and sweet flavour, they work well in puddings such as cake and in savoury recipes, as a balance to salty or spicy flavours. Take a look below for some delicious sweet and savoury fig recipes.

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About Figs:

Figs are an excellently versatile fruit that can be easily adapted into plenty of your favourite recipes. For example, they have a similar flavour to dates and prunes, so you could use them in place of dates in things like sticky toffee pudding. They also work well in place of apple when being served with savoury food, so why not stick them in a quiche or serve them in place of apple in all your favourite salads?

Figs are a real staple of Mediterranean food and they are served in both dried and fresh forms in starters, main courses and desserts. One of the tastiest ways to serve figs is with cheese, be it a savoury cheese such as Manchego or a sweet cheese such as mascarpone.

We've got plenty of fig recipes above, from sweet fig squares to marinated fig and mozzarella skewers. There's also a delicious pecan and fig cake recipe and a tasty chicken and fig recipe. Take a look above for more recipes. uses measurements and ingredients for the United Kingdom. If you are located elsewhere in the world, you may find makes more sense to you!

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